Hosted by Central Valley Australian Shepherd Club

SCHEDULE: Please be patient, we will be uploading Premiums as they become available.

  Nationals Agility Run Order is at the bottom of this page.

Friday, November 1st
Move-in, gate opens at noon

ASCA National Tracking Trial

Saturday, November 2nd

ASCA Stockdog Finals, Day 1

WASOC Obedience Pre-Trial

TCASWA Rally Pre-Trial

PASA Agility Pre-Trial

Delta Conformation Pre-Show


Sunday, November 3rd

ASCA Stockdog Finals - Day 2 and Awards Reception

ASCA Rally Finals and Awards Reception

Delta ASF Agility Pre-Trial

Gold Country ASC Conformation Pre-Show

ASHGI Health Clinic

Nightly Dinners Begins

Monday, November 4th

ASC of AZ Stockdog Pre-Trial

Agility Finals and Awards Reception

WASCO Rally Pre-Trial

Olympic ASA Obedience Pre-Trial

Non-Regular Conformation 

MVA and MVJ Evaluation

ASHGI Health Clinic

Eye Clinic

Stockdog Seminar

Tuesday, November 5th

ASCA Junior Handling Finals & 500 Club Parade

ASCA Conformation Finals – Altered

ASCA Conformation Finals – Intact

ASCA Obedience Finals and awards reception

Lowlands ASC of Belgium Agility Pre-Trial

Nationals Stockdog, Day 1

MVA and MVJ Evaluation

ASCA DNA Blood Draw 

Eye Clinic

ASHGI Health Clinic

Conformation Judges Meeting

Agility Benefit Runs

Jr. Seminar

Wednesday, November 6th

Nationals Stockdog Trial – Day 2

Nationals Agility Trial – Day 1

Nationals Rally Trial – Day 1

Nationals Junior Handling

Sweeps, Veterans & Altered

Dock Jumping – Open Dock

ASHGI Health Clinic

Judges Seminar

General Membership Meeting

Scent Search Demonstration

Stockdog Workshop

Thursday, November 7th

Nationals Stockdog Trial – Day 3

Nationals Agility Trial – Day 2

Nationals Rally Trial – Day 2 

Nationals Obedience Trial – Day 1

Nationals Conformation BOB Dogs – AM

Nationals Conformation Intact Dogs

Nationals Conformation Intact Bitches

Nationals Dock Jumping-Day 1

ASHGI Health Clinic

Friday, November 8th

Nationals Agility Trial – Day 3

Nationals Obedience Trial – Day 2

Nationals Conformation BOB Bitches – AM

Nationals Conformation Intact Dogs

Nationals Conformation Intact Bitches

Nationals Conformation WD/WB

Nationals Conformation BOB/BOW/BOS

Nationals Dock Jumping – Day 2

Banquet: Presentation of MVA, MVJ Awards  

Saturday, November 9th 

West Coast ASA-Conformation Post Show

~ASCA Board Meetings to be announced.~


A dinner buffet will be available for $10/plate at 

6:00 P.M. every evening in the Quad between buildings 1 & 2 beginning Nov 3rd – 7th. 

NATIONALS AGILITY November 6/7/8, 2019

Wednesday: Two rounds Elite Gamblers, Two rounds Open Regular, Two rounds Novice Jumpers

Thursday: Two rounds Elite Regular, Two rounds Open Jumpers, Two rounds Novice Gamblers

Friday: Two rounds Elite Jumpers, Two rounds Open Gamblers, Two rounds Novice Regular.